Ellen R. Wald, Ph.D. is an experienced energy expert, focusing on policy and price.  She is also an authority on geopolitics and business, as well as the Middle East.  Dr. Wald is skilled at presenting complex details for wide audiences in the media.  She is a frequent contributor on a  variety of platforms, including print, digital, radio, and television.

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Requests for interviews and insights on the following are welcome:
  • oil pricing
  • domestic (U.S.) energy policy (upstream & downstream)
  • geopolitics and the energy industry/energy supplies
  • political economy of oil and energy
  • history of the energy industry
  • renewable energy policies
  • OPEC and the energy market
  • consumer gasoline costs
  • history and geopolitics of US involvement in the Middle East

If time sensitive, please call at +1 904 290-1826.