Saudi, Inc.

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Available in early 2018

“the tale of a Bedouin family that ruthlessly and shrewdly maneuvered to control a multi-trillion dollar enterprise, it peels back the persistent image of the Saudis as simply religious zealots who do nothing more than drill holes in the ground.”

Saudi, Inc.“Saudi, Inc.” will be released in April, 2018, as Saudi Aramco prepares to launch its much-anticipated IPO, expected to be the largest in history with a possible valuation of up to $2 trillion.  The book debut will also come amid the Kingdom’s massive investment in its Vision2030 plan for economic diversification; the rebirth of an economic and diplomatic relationship with the U.S. worth hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in both directions; and preparation by the next generation to take leadership positions in the Kingdom – transforming society, business, and the state.

“Saudi, Inc.” presents the history of Saudi Arabia through the central figure of Aramco, the oil company that brought riches, success, and regional dominance to the ruling family, al Saud.  The story begins with the daring exploits of Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabia’s founding monarch, and takes readers to the economic and geopolitical intrigues of today.  For over a century, al Saud has sought profit and power through sophisticated maneuverings and prescient partnerships, always with the aim of securing success for the generations to come.

Publisher: Pegasus Books