Most Popular Energy & Geopolitics Articles of 2016

A look back at some of my post popular articles on energy and geopolitics of 2016

Venezuela Is Drowning In Its Own Oil – Venezuela has oil everywhere but not a drop to sell. How did easy energy from Venezuela’s Orinoco Belt tar sands (plus socialism) sink the country’s economy?

Three Truths Behind Iran’s Harassment Of The U.S. Navy – Three key points we should understand about the Iranian “harassment” of U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf.

Alaska’s 10 Billion Oil Discovery: What You Need To Know – What does Caelus Energy’s discovery of a new oil field in Alaska’s North Slope mean for the future of American energy production and is it really as big as claimed?

Ken Bone’s Questions Reveals Which Candidate Understands Energy Independence – Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred on energy policy in the latest presidential debate. Who is right when it comes to U.S. energy independence?

8 Reasons Exxon’s Rex Tillerson Could Succeed As Secretary Of State – Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson may be a unique private sector pick for Secretary of State but his experience and skills in the global energy industry would be an asset.

Here’s The Dirty Secret About Today’s ‘Secret’ Oil Meeting – Russia and Saudi Arabia met secretly before the failed OPEC meeting in Doha, Qatar. What could their meeting have possibly achieved?

Brexit Wins. Now What For Oil? – Britain’s Brexit vote roiled markets worldwide, including oil, but what does Britain’s future separation from the European Union mean for oil going forward?

Here’s How OPEC Manipulates The Oil Market – OPEC oil ministers use the media to drive oil prices higher and manipulate the market.